Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Minneapolis and Epic Meal Time

Minneapolis was great! In my opinion, I could see more of the "real USA" which in my opinion differs most from our culture (Switzerland) in the following way (If you get bored you can skip this list ;P)
- Go by car rather than public transport (e.g. drive in for food or even for a bank visit :) ) btw. gas is cheaper here (not always in california though).
- Eat in a restaurant. The same Food is not much more expensive in the low to mid budget restaurants than in the
  supermarket. Btw. the food is greate here ;) especially meat is cheap and of high quality (steaks, rips, seafood near cost)
- In addition, it seems to me that the variety of authentic food is much larger here.
  You get really good chinese, japanese (sushi), mexican, indian and of course american food here.
  We have even eaten perugian food here. Instead of cooking seafood, it is put into "lime juice"
  and served with it. The resulting "tiger milk" can be drinken e.g. as shot against hangovers we learned :)
  If you add wodka it gets a panther shot :)
- Eat leftovers, use the microwave. The portions in most restaurants are HUGE. Therefore, leftovers
  are taken at home much more often.
- Most houses are built "cheaper" e.g. have less isolation. The reason for this is claimed to be the
  shorter duration for which the buildings are built (not more than 10 years). Nevertheless some people will
  stay longer but building different will cost you much more...
  You need much more energy to heat such buildings of course.
  Especially in Minneapolis where it will get cold (less than -20 Celsius).
  However, this is accepted as normal here but takes all "take care for the environement" actions and
  events seen around in a different light XD

I stayed in an appartement of a really kind friends.
It continued to write a little bit on my blog, go shopping (laptop since the other broke),
send the broken one to Asus repair in California... In the evening,
eating and drinking was the plan. For instance, a nice all you can eat restaurant serving premium meat of all kinds
on my birthday (post event for las vegas ;) ). And all kinds of different food.

In addition, I looked at the Downtown of Minneapolis and it's history of mills, a huge fitnesscenter,
and visited a lovely small town called Stillwater to see the typical "small america village."

Finally, I got a chance to visit the company where my friend works wich produces mills. Was impressive!

Then I took the Greyhound, all alone, to a hostel in the middle of Chicago!

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