Sonntag, 16. September 2012



Well what can you say about Vegas - it keeps what it promises, and What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :P
OK,OK, some minor details

You wanna check out this clubs: Rockhouse, Excess, The Bank, Chateaux.
But you do not need to search for them,
there are clubs everywhere ;) just party :)

Walking around is also greate but if you wanna do clubbing buy a ticket in
your hotel in advance (eg desk) to save waiting time.

Btw. Be sure to have a nice pair of "business" shoes for the clubs XD

We saw Avicii live in the club excess - Party was awesome.

I played a small Poker Tournament and won ;)

We also checked out the Death Valley near Vegas.

*Die passende Musik \ The adequate Music - Johnny Cash I walk the line *

3 Friends of mine then went home after Vegas. Was great fun and I guess there were glad to have survived me driving all through California ;P
So my mate and I headed towards Minneapolis, Minnesota, to visit his father who is working there.

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