Dienstag, 11. September 2012


BIG City, BIG STREETS - what 5 on top of each other XD? - LA

The plan: Saturday. Go out in Hollywood. Take a cab or bus. bus.

What we did: Missing the bus, order a cab, wait.
wait. missing the second bus? yeah as the cab should arrive soon.
Well, it did not :)

Anyway we walked to the nearest club (there was one XD)
The security guy asked us if we are sure we wanna go there XD
"You guys know you are in the hood right?"
Nah, we didnt but we decided to go and it was an amazing experience.
It's difficult to describe such a situation, you gotta be there.
Later, we had some funny talks, got to known locals who have
also missed their bus and even could dance a bit.

Later in LA, we went to SeaWorld (in San Diego), the Long Beach,
Santa Monica Beach, an awesome steakhouse, Hollywood and then went off to Vegas.


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