Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Road Trip

Sorry a little bit late but finally :) some general impressions of the road trip at the westcoast of the usa in october.

In the house where the daughter of elvis presley used to live :) we were lucky to have met the awesome guy living there in a pub at venice beach in la :)

Burger in denny's :) our favourite place to park our van and sleep pay nothing ;P

The engine checklight for tire pressure lighted up... Luckly i saw the nail in the tire XD

Bacon! Favorite breakfast :D all the time in the national parks... Unfortunately no bear came (in yosemite national park) despite our excessive bacon consumption...

Awesome Santa Monica beach in la :)

Our epic van with surfer painting

I found 20 dollar yay XD

Carpark at malibu beach la :D

You see...

...the nail!

Cleaning tha big van :)

Morrow bay :)

Evil seaguls at morrow bay :)

Hippi style

Our awesome hostel in the college / party town san luis obispo :)

The windy road in san francisco (sanfran or sf). We drove down with our van, quite illegally ;)

Windy road

Japanese tea garden in sf XD

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