Samstag, 10. November 2012

Bye USA, Mahalo! Hi New Zealand!!

Not long ago, I arrived in New Zealand and moved to my host family.

Looking Back
The time in the USA was just awesome!! :D

Short Story:
Friend and I rented a Van and drove from LA to SanFran, Yosemite, Las Vegas,
Grand Canyon, Arizona, San Diego and LA again.


Then we stayed a week in Hawaii at the Waikiki Beach.
Surfing is mind blowing :D I already miss it.
Besides the People and the Hostel were also great, and the rest of the Island too (and not that touristy and urban as Waikiki :P)

More Stories and Pictures will follow while I find time to write them at the language school here
and they will appear BEFORE this post as I will put it in correct order.

Greetings from New Zealand :D

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